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Books and eBooks by Dr. Hayes: The Perfect Stall Store
To buy books and downloadable eBooks by Dr. Karen Hayes, click here.

Perfect Stall Live!
Perfect Stall Live! is a lively group of small business owners whose products have been featured positively in Dr. Karen Hayes' books, lectures, and horse-care magazine articles. They've joined forces at horse-expo trade shows to show how their products combine to create Perfect Horsekeeping. Hayes has given them permission to use the trademarked "Perfect Stall" name but remains separate and independent from the businesses and does not accept payment from them. "It takes courage to conceive a new product and jump through the development, production, patenting and marketing hoops. I encourage people to do that, and reward them with my support if I think their products improve the lives of horses and horsekeepers." In addition to hands-on experience with the products Hayes has chosen for her Perfect Stall project, the PSL booths carry all three books in Hayes' Perfect Stall series.

Cornell University's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for insulin and ACTH testing of your horse
To test whether your horse is insulin resistant and/or at risk for Equine Cushing's Disease, this is the most highly recommended laboratory to send your horse's blood sample. For more information, listen to the audio lecture, "The Perfect Grass," archived in the "Everyday Horsekeeping" category at Integral Horse.

Disposable bedding
For those instances where disposable bedding makes sense, Guardian is one product we use at The Perfect Stall. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Dr. Robert M. Miller
Dr. Robert M. Miller introduced the Foal Imprint Training method in the 1980s, and it remains the best way to teach a foal how to get along with the humans in his lifetime, without fear, and without conflict, for a situation that's in everybody''s best interest—the horse''s, and ours.

Feeders: automated grain/pellet feeder
There is a place for an automatic feeder in modern horsekeeping, and it has nothing to do with laziness or absentee care. For many solid horse-care reasons, The Perfect Stall gave the ProFeeder high marks. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Feeders: automated hay *and grain* feeder
The StableGrazer was chosen as the BEST NEW PRODUCT in the past ten years. More than any other product, the StableGrazer was found to elevate the health and quality of life of stall-bound horses. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Feeders: grain dish
Nelson Manufacturing Company
Sturdy, durable, beautiful, and hygienic. The Nelson grain feeder will not end up on your bucket bonepile.

Feeders: manual hay feeder
If an automated hay feeder doesn''t fit your budget, the ProPanel ground-level manual hay feeder is still a great improvement over the typical, overhead feeders for healthier lungs, eyes, facial skin, and gut. Featured in *The Perfect Stall* book.

Hand cart
URSA Wagon
The Perfect Stall facility prefers the sturdy, ergonomic Ursa wagon. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Horse Expo
June 9, 10, and 11, 2006, in Sacramento, California. Truly a different expo, focused on information, not marketing. Dr. Hayes will be speaking every day of the event.

Linda Schultz DVM
Author of *Howell Equine Book of Tendon & LIgament Injuries* and interviewed by Dr. Hayes in March 2006 audio, "Tendon Trouble," posted on The Integral Horse.

Manure management
At The Perfect Stall facility, we use a hands-off, completely automatic composting system designed by O2Compost. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Stall flooring
The Stable Comfort stall floor system got high marks at The Perfect Stall. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Stall flooring
A wonderful stall floor system. ComfortStall got high marks at The Perfect Stall. Featured in *How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper* book.

Stall Fronts
Innovative Equine Systems
The "Rubicon" model stall fronts were chosen for the Perfect Stall project. Available with custom features and dimensions, or "off the rack," designed by innovator Dennis Marion, horse-dad and premium craftsman. High end looks, with serious focus on safety.

Stall lighting
Orion West Lighting

Saddlebrook Barncams LLC
For monitoring mares, keeping an eye on a sick horse, and for security purposes, The Perfect Stall uses Barn Cams. Featured in *The Perfect Stall* book.

Nelson Manufacturing Company
The Perfect Stall choice for waterers is the Nelson waterer. Featured in *The Perfect Stall* book.



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