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How to use this website

Posted by Karen on Fri 2nd of December 2005


Every month, Integral Horse posts information about horse-care issues --new articles, tips, interviews, research news, and presentations -- and the previous month's information moves to the archives.

The current month's information is offered in viewable, printable, and downloadable text, video and/or audio-video format.

Registered users can access everything and download current and archived text, audio, and audio-video. It's completely free.

All current materials are shown on the front page. All archived materials are categorized under "Topics" in the left-hand column. Simply click on the topic, then browse the list and choose.

Of course for professional, legal, and ethical reasons Dr. Hayes and her contacts can't give veterinary advice without a hands-on doctor/client/patient relationship, but they might choose to discuss the issue in general terms, to help you become better informed and have more progressive communications with your own veterinary care providers.

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