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About The Integral Horse

Posted by Karen on Sat 3rd of December 2005

This site is for serious horsemen and women who are interested not just in the "latest and greatest" but also in the rational, practical, and most effective ways to care for their horses. No urban legends here.

The Integral Horse is the brainchild of Dr. Karen Hayes -- author, educator, veterinary clinician, and horse breeder. In more than 50 years as a horseman, and more than 25 as a veterinarian, Hayes knows that the depth of knowledge in each horse-care specialty has grown tremendously in the past few decades. She also knows first-hand how difficult it is for clinicians and horsekeepers to keep up with the state-of-the-art.

"It's frustrating and heartbreaking for horse owners to find out, when it's too late, that there was a procedure, or a drug, or a preventive measure that would have helped their horse," Hayes says. "But nobody in their immediate circle at the time knew about it... and so the problem worsened.

"I'd be the first to admit, there's only so much information I can cram into my own brain. That's why the experts are such a rich resource. They know more about their specialized field than anybody else does. The key is, getting that information from the expert and into the horseman's toolbag.

"So, I've taken three things that I have to offer: my professional experience, my inside track with the experts, and my strength as an educator -- and put them together -- for horses, and for the people who care for them."

For Hayes, The American Horse -- a 24-foot-tall bronze statue of a horse that was designed 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci -- is a perfect example of an Integral Horse: Designed by an Italian genius, resurrected by an American businessman, and assembled by artists, benefactors, engineers, heavy equipment operators, and enthusiasts. "That's the kind of collaboration top-quality horse care is made of," Hayes says. "There's no single person who has all the answers. Anyone who claims to have them all is kidding himself. This is a big world, full of brilliant people who have something valuable to offer. Many of those great minds will come together here, at The Integral Horse. Horses, horsekeepers, and the earth all can benefit."

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