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Posted by Dr. Karen Hayes on Tue 15th of March 2011

Two organizations I admire for their practical and science-backed approach to environmentally sensitive horsekeeping are SUSTAINABLE STABLES and HORSES FOR CLEAN WATER. I am thrilled to announce that Sustainable Stables, with help from Horses for Clean Water, will be taking over future "green" podcasts for IntegralHorse. The founders of these organizations have married their long-time equestrian backgrounds with impressive professional credentials and experience in environmental science.

Clay Nelson and Lynnette Batt founded Sustainable Stables, LLC to provide information and resources to horse owners on environmentally-sensitive, practical horsekeeping. In addition to being long-time equestrians, Clay and Lynnette are both environmental professionals, working in the fields of river restoration and eco-toxicology. Through Sustainable Stables, they regularly contribute articles to equestrian publications on greener horsekeeping, and work directly with horse farm owners to help design and/or upgrade their equine facilities for not only a smaller environmental footprint but to actually become an ecological asset.

Horses For Clean Water creator and program director, Alayne Blickle, is a lifelong equestrian and NRHA reining competitor. She is also an environmental educator who has worked with horse and livestock owners for over 15 years to improve environmental awareness and boots-on-the-ground practice. Horses for Clean Water offers classroom series, workshops, farm tours and educational materials for horse farm owners in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. Alayne is also a contributing writer to regional and national publications. She and her husband Matt own and run an environmentally sensitive farm in Nampa, ID.

Clay and Lynnette, with assistance from Alayne, will bring you future monthly podcasts and blogs that cover a wide range of topics, such as composting/manure management, pasture management, mud control, water quality protection, chemical use, land conservation, and more - all dovetailing beautifully with the lessons in horse care and earth-friendly horsekeeping already archived here on IntegralHorse. The new podcasts will draw from practical, on-the-ground experiences of horse farms they have worked with around the US, including one in North Carolina that is testing new national criteria for sustainable development.

Future environmental podcasts in this arena will be posted regularly at www.sustainablestables.com, under the tab "Blog/Podcasts." I will continue to maintain the Integral Horse website as an archive for my past podcasts, and will check in from time to time to see how everybody is doing.

Check out their introductory podcast here.

Meanwhile, I too continue to be devoted to finding constructive solutions for environmental issues, through
THE HAYDEN LAKE PROJECT which I founded in 2009, through public acquisition of sensitive watershed lands that would otherwise be carved into subdivisions (recently adding 203 acres of vulnerable forest wetland to our list of successes), encouraging private landowners to place their land in perpetual conservation easement (my farm is next), and by serving on the Board of Directors of Kootenai Environmental Alliance, one of the oldest environmental non-profits in the Pacific Northwest.

I encourage you to visit sustainablestables.com and horsesforcleanwater.com, to keep yourself and your horse facility - owned or rented - moving along the environmental learning curve, for the good of everyone, including our horses. And, as always, I wish you happy horsekeeping, on a healthy planet.

With respect,

Karen Hayes, DVM, MS

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