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Dr. Hayes thanks you and says farewell for now.

Posted by Dr. Karen Hayes on Mon 26th of July 2010

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your notes asking after my whereabouts and well being.

After a whirlwind couple of years that resulted in a documentary film ("The Hayden Lake Project") about environmental issues that was written, directed, narrated, and produced by me, and after yet another birthday reminding me that I am retired, I am getting creaky, and time is getting short, I have decided --reluctantly --that I can no longer make new posts to IntegralHorse every month. However, I will continue to maintain this website at my own expense so you can access the archives from the years of presentations I've given. And, I will continue my search for a protegé who is willing and able to take the reins, and who has a message about horsecare that is compatible with mine. My books will continue to be available until they are sold out, and then that will be it. It's been a great, long ride, and I hope you have benefited as much as I have from our sharing the journey together. I truly do love people who love horses.



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